What We Believe

When we use the terms “we believe or teach” we do not use these in the subjective sense of what the Bible means to us, instead we intend this to convey what God has revealed, enabled by the Holy Spirit, in His Word alone.

It’s important to know exactly where our teaching comes from. Learn more about what we believe here at Grace Church Denton.


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“The Pursuit of Christ – Part 1”

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Building the Church

“It’s easy to agree with our culture that newer is invariably better. New clothes are better than old hand-me-downs; a new car is better than dad’s old beater. There is just something about new things that is almost irresistibly fascinating to us. They have this gravity that pulls us in with their glimmering shine, their new car smell, modern look, their promise of increased efficiency and effectiveness. We know it’s dumb, but somehow they make us feel new with them. Almost like we are renewed in their image.

When it comes to ideas on how to build the church, it’s tempting to allow our fascination with the new to drive our thinking and determine our methods. This temptation is all the more seductive in the context of an emerging evangelical culture that increasingly distances itself from the clear proclamation of doctrinal certainties grounded in scriptural truth.

As we are uprooted from God’s rich doctrinal truth, the innovative and creative begin to appear more plausible than His truth, in part because we are immersed in a culture that stridently embraces its own superiority to whatever is past. Pragmatism then naturally prevails. Without even realizing it, we quickly become excited about the most creative model that promises the most immediate observable results, usually measured by sanctified statistics.

At the root of all this, often unwittingly, is the rapid erosion of our faith in the sufficiency of Scripture for our effectiveness in ministry. We must be careful to build the church around the Gospel of Christ – trusting in His word to grow the church. The words of Scripture are the building blocks of the church. Our goal is not to see how innovative we can be. Our goal is to see how faith to His word we can be.”

Mark Devers
The Deliberate Church