What We Believe

When we use the terms “we believe or teach” we do not use these in the subjective sense of what the Bible means to us, instead we intend this to convey what God has revealed, enabled by the Holy Spirit, in His Word alone.

It’s important to know exactly where our teaching comes from. Learn more about what we believe here at Grace Church Denton.


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This Weeks Message

The Salt of the Earth

Matthew 5:13

Quote of the Month

The Beatitudes

“The Beatitudes crush me to the ground. They show me my utter helplessness. Were it not for the new birth, I am undone. Read and study it, face yourself in the light of it. It will drive you to see your ultimate need of the rebirth and the gracious operation tion of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing that so leads to the gospel and its grace as the Sermon on the Mount. The more we live and try to practise this Sermon on the Mount, the more shall we experience blessing. Look at the blessings that are promised to those who do practise it. The trouble with much holiness teaching is that it leaves out the Sermon on the Mount, and asks us to experience sanctification. That is not the biblical method. If you want to have power in your life and to be blessed, go straight to the Sermon on the Mount. Live and practise it and give yourself to it, and as you do so the promised blessings will come.”

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Studies in the Sermon on the Mount