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It’s important to know exactly where our teaching comes from. Learn more about what we believe here at Grace Church Denton.


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“The Church at Philadelphia
The Hour of Testing”

Revelation 3:10

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“Christianity is based on revelation. If God in all His sovereign majesty did not choose to reveal Himself to mankind, there would be no true knowledge of Him or the possibility of a true relationship with Him. We are bound to Him by what He has chosen to reveal to us about Himself. All human efforts to get to know God by man-created means lead invariable to false religions or mysticism. Consequently the primary question governing our relationship with God is the question of submission – either to His revelation or to our imagination. The former requires that we rely upon a divine influence over our minds, which must be submissive to the truth of the Revealer. The latter depends upon the amassing of the propositions, theses, and traditions: a mixture of philosophy, psychology, and theology – a man made “philo-psycho-theology.” In this atmosphere, the words of the revelation of God no longer have the meanings intended by the Holy Spirit, but rather affirm the mysteries of the religions or idolatries man has created. It is to the revelation of the divine mind expressed in sola Scriptura that all of our thoughts and doctrine, our worship of Him, and our obedience to Him must always be conformed.”
-R. Bruce Bickel